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Trump siccs the DOJ on the FBI, leftists cry foul, and did the pope just shift Catholic policy on homosexuality?

Date: 05-22-2018

The Trump camp tries to kill the Mueller investigation, the media continue to play into Trump’s hand on MS-13, and we check the mailbag!

Date: 05-18-2018

Rudy Giuliani says Mueller won’t indict Trump, but Mueller’s still digging; Michael Cohen finds himself on the wrong end of ill-time leaks; and the media lie about Trump’s immigration comments.

Date: 05-17-2018

The media’s propaganda on behalf of Hamas continues, Democrats struggle in the polls, and North Korea tries to pull the rug out from under Trump.

Date: 05-16-2018

The media play propagandists for Hamas, Seattle passes the Amazon tax, and the Trump administration cracks down on leakers.

Date: 05-15-2018

On Israel’s 70th anniversary, Trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem; we talk about the Left’s view of Mother’s Day; and America’s comedians begin to wake up.

Date: 05-14-2018

​In this second episode, Ben sits down with ​​Dave Rubin​ of The Rubin Report to discuss identity politics, online censorship, and whatever happened to an honest conversation​? Look out every Sunday for new episodes featuring key newsmakers and public figures on THE BEN SHAPIRO SHOW: SUNDAY SPECIAL!

Date: 05-13-2018

Democrats are confused why Trump seems to be succeeding on foreign policy, the media “experts” demonstrate they know nothing about gender or babies, and we check the mailbag!

Date: 05-11-2018