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Business for Breakfast

Business for Breakfast is fresh, fun, and guaranteed to start your business day the right way! Ken Morgan and Mark Asher host the Phoenix radio version of the show, and Francoise Rhodes hosts in Palm Springs, California. We take the best of Business for Breakfast interviews each week and pack them into this dynamic show. Tune in each week to hear intriguing interviews with business and market news makers.

Ken and Mark had a full lineup today on B4B.  Stephen Kohn, Whistleblowing attorney, talked about the 45th Anniversary of Watergate.  Fred Cuellar, The Diamond Guy, about overworking Americans.  Kiplinger’s Andrea Browne Taylor on 7 signs you’re buying counterfeit items.  Then Randy Cerveny, ASU Professor in the School of Geographical Sciences talked about the hottest temperatures on record and why Phoenix needs to be this hot.  Chris Lloyd joined us from Lucia Capital Group and finally Travis Laird for Robert Half on a study about workers deserving a raise but never asking for one.

Today on B4B, Ken and Mark, talked with Norm Rogers from Climvateviews.com regarding the nation’s worst example of renewable energy…California.  Also they gave away $100 in gift cards to @miraclemiledeli and in the Biz Leaders Spotlight was Tom Zummo, True Nopal Ventures, LLC.

A full slate of guests on today’s B4B show including Josh Garcia of Miracle Mile Deli, the featured restaurant for this week’s Stump the Chumps contest.  Agriculture expert Katie Pratt talked about GMOs and how farmers use them.  Google Travel Expert LaToya Drake discussed travel tips and 4th of July specials.

Miracle Mile Deli is back as the prize for this week’s Stump the Chumps contest and there was no winner so it rolls over to Wednesday when $100 dollars will be up for grabs.


Today the LLS Man of the Year, Robert Annable, was on the show with Man of the Year runner up Mark Asher.  Also Jeff Golner, owner of Agency G, was the Biz Leaders Spotlight for Friday.

Today on B4B, TeamLogic IT’s Randy Reed talked about a new scam called Spear-Phishing.  Dr. Allison Rosenthal, recently selected as Woman of the Year by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, talked about her struggle with the disease and raising money for a good cause.  Then Chris Lloyd, from Lucia Capital, stopped by to talk retirement and calling in from Nicaragua was Alex Wilson of Precious Timber talking about wood.

On today’s show, Ken and Mark, talked with Greg Goldfarb from @GoDaddy on how to use  your mobile device to own and manage your online space.  Then Rich Polimeni of the College Savings Plan dropped in to talk about showing kids to save for college.  Greg McBride of @Bankrate on what the Feds will do during their meeting about raising rates.  In the Biz Leaders Spotlight was Dr. Steven Ehrlich talking acupuncture and in the Biz of Sports, Geoff Freeman the CEO of the American Gaming Association.

Today Deborah Collier, Citizens Against Government Waste talked with Ken and Mark regarding the FCC to free internet from government over-regulation.  Then John Bozzella the CEO of The Association of Global Automakers talked about Buying American and Brianna Nobles, VP of operations at What’s Crackin’, the featured restaurant on Stump the Chumps talked about the opening of their new Cafe this week.