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Business for Breakfast is fresh, fun, and guaranteed to start your business day the right way! Ken Morgan and Mark Asher host the Phoenix radio version of the show, and Francoise Rhodes hosts in Palm Springs, California. We take the best of Business for Breakfast interviews each week and pack them into this dynamic show. Tune in each week to hear intriguing interviews with business and market news makers.

B4B 5/8/18 Join Ken Morgan and Mark Asher for Business for Breakfast every Monday through Friday from 6-8am. @MyMoneyRadio’s longest-running daily program

Ken and Mark covered some important health care topics on the show today. 

B4B 5/4/18 Join Ken Morgan and Mark Asher for Business for Breakfast every Monday through Friday from 6-8am. @MyMoneyRadio’s longest-running daily program

With Mark Asher out today Ken Morgan and Doreen Conti hosted B4B this morning.  First up was Suzanne Kantra, founder of Techlicious.com with the latest tech gifts for Moms for this Mother’s Day.  Then Tyler Hixson with OpenDoor talking about the Spring home buying and selling season.  Travel expert Pete Trabucco talked about his new book and vacation tips for 2018.  Eric Rosenthal from TravelZork discussed their Zorkfest coming up in Las Vegas.  Elene Zee stopped by the discuss education and learning to save and invest program in AZ schools.  She’s President and CEO of Arizona Council on Economic Education.

Today on B4B, Memory champion, Chester Santos, gave us techniques to turn your memory from a sieve to a sponge in his new book Mastering Memory.  Dr. Justin Bazan with Healthy Vision Month and how to prevent digital eye strain.  Steve Raichlen author of Project Fire and a BBQ expert on some sizzling recipes for Cinco De Mayor.  The Biz Leaders Spotlight today was Darrylee Cohen owner of Haute Photography & Videography a local company.  Then from Freedom Financial Network, Linda Luman on the Grand Opening and hiring of 1,000 extra employees in the Valley.

On May Day, Bankrate’s senior analyst, Mark Hamrick, with a new study that showed 62% of homeowners will never move from their existing home.  Then from Carfax, Christopher Basso with a staggering figure of just how many vehicles are on the road that have been recalled for some reason or another.  FiredPie! owner Fred Morgan was in studio talking about his 19 plus restaurants and is the restaurant featured this week on the Stump The Chumps contest.  Cathy Prudhomme Firewise USA on protecting your home during fire season.  in the Biz of Sports was GM of Turf Paradise, Vince Francia, and his preview to this Saturday’s running of the Kentucky Derby.

Today Jim Pool from the Indexed Annuities Leadership Council talked about the study about America’s workforce.    Then Dr. Lisa Radesi discussed why so many people don’t see their doctor when they make an appointment but rather a nurse or physician’s assistant.  Angelique Rewers with The Corporate Agent for National Small Business Week.  Ken and Mark had their first $50 dollar certificate winner from this week’s Stump the Chumps contest Fired Pie!  Finally, in the Biz Leaders Spotlight, Dan Bashaw, owner of Wood and Main Wood Works.

Today on B4B was Heather Morin, Dunkin’ Donuts on how that company is officially Paying It Forward Starting tomorrow and for the Month of May.  Author Dale W. Cox talked about rules and regulations that cost US businesses and stifle the economy in his new book.  Erin Currier, Pew’s Family financial security and mobility project with a new report about rent burdens on American Families.  Then in the Biz Leaders Spotlight was Timony Barone, CEO of Vantage Mobility International and finally Bob Roth of Cypress Homecare Solutions a BBB finalist for its Ethics Award.