How to make it, spend it, and invest it

The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard is the watchdog for consumers everywhere, and we feel Clark is a perfect fit. Protecting your wallet and keeping you apprised of the latest in consumer technology every weekday.

Topics: Net neutrality; online bullies; Visa trying to convert retailers to cash-only

Topics: Clark Stinks; Clark’s son and entrepreneurship + teens fixing iPhones

Topics: How to pick a moving company; 403b plan fees; Hollar.com is the online dollar store

Topics: New website Brandless.com; Accessing ATM’s with your phones

Topics: Stealing TV; Important IRS collections update

Topics: Low and zero down payment mortgages; Why teens should work

Topics: Clark Stinks; AirBnb is changing because of mega-hosts

Topics: Zillow instant offers; Bill pay scam; Rx discount cards Rx pricing