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Are you a business owner? Are you maximizing the internet and social media to GROW your business? Then you need to check out Money Radio’s NEWEST show… Fasturtle’s Digital Pros with Eric Olsen and Graham Ware. These two digital wizards will educate and give you the latest information on ALL things digital… Social Media, SEO, PPC and digital engagement.

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Graham and Eric discuss the latest updates to Google app which is getting more personal and showcasing more information that people are interested in. Graham discusses his adventures at Mozcon and the latest Digital trends in 2017 rolling into 2018. Special guest Armando Nava talks about how he became one of Arizona’s best criminal defense attorneys and how he leverages social media marketing and local SEO to drive his business. For your free marketing assessment please visit www.fasturtle.com or call 888 GoTurtle!

Eric and Graham talk about the latest Facebook friend request hoax. Stay away from Jayden K Smith friend requests and what this really means. Amazon’s Prime Day knocked sales out of the park. How can you and your business leverage “One Day” customer exclusive events to spike sales? Special guest Rob Reid with the Reid Effect and Vid Pro Quo video services joins the guys to talk about the importance of video content and best practices; check out fasturtle.com for a FREE website and marketing assessment. 

Graham Ware, Eric Olsen, Aaron Johnson Special Guest Ron Cates talk about the changes to Google My Business Listings how Facebook is changing the way images are posting with the sponsored ads. Ron Cates talking about latest trends in digital marketing, the importance of a professional website and ROI driven target marketing.

Eric Olsen and Graham Ware talk about SEO content convergence, mobile first SEO tactics, getting hyperlocal for brick and mortar retail and restaurants, text to voice and what it means for your search results, data to machine learning and so much more! Download the Digital Pro’s podcast at iTunes and Google to keep up with today’s best digital marketing trends. Visit www.fasturtle.com for your free website and digital marketing assessment. 

Eric Olsen and Graham Ware talk about covering your butt online and making sure you’re in compliance when posting information online. Mike Drumm with drummlaw.com joins the guys to talk about the difference between Copyrights and Trademarks, filing fees and more. Check www.fasturtle.comout  for a free website assessment.