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Financial Review is a quick summary of the day’s stock market activity hosted by Sinclair Noe, host of the full-length program of the same name on Money Radio 1510 and 99.3 FM in Phoenix, Arizona. Each weekday, Sinclair goes in depth in what caused the market activity, and gives listeners a starting point for the next trading day.

DeFAANG. Dow hits another record. Others slide. 1987ish. Amazon does its thing. Intel, Twitter, Starbucks, et al. Foxconn goes to Wisconsin. Skinny repeal on tap.

Plus, Dr. Larry Kotlikoff from www.maxifiplanner.com

And Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth

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Major stock indexes hit all-time highs, again. Fed holds steady. Senate votes and votes, again. Trump v. Transgendered. New home sales up. Copper squeeze. Facebook ubiquitous. Boeing flying high. UK electric.

Plus, Michael Baele, Senior Portfolio Manager US Bank.

Plus, Nancy Fleming from Fleming Financial Services

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S&P, Nas, Russell at new highs. Senate votes on having more votes on repeal/replace, or repeal, or semi-repeal, or something. Confidence soars. Existing home sales solid. Oil prices rally. Copper hits 2 year high. Bond market tumbles as the Fed FOMC meets. 3M slammed. McDonalds all time high. Caterpillar jumps. AT&T up. GM down.

A look at what you know about the Fed with Jill Gonzalez from Wallethub.

Plus, Daniel Pecaut and Corey Wrenn, co-authors of “The University of Berkshire Hathaway.

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Nasdaq record. Fed FOMC looking for inflation. GDP growing but not enough. Big week for earnings. 2Q reports off to a good start. Google earnings hit by EU fines, but still shows growth. KKR buys WebMD. Trump pleads for something on healthcare. Kushner testifies. Dems offer Better Deal. NASA tries to crack the sonic boom.

Plus, we talk healthcare legislation with Dick Woodruff from the American Cancer Society www.ACSCAN.org

Plus, Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth

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Stocks pull back from records. Tech finally recovers from Dot Com. Fangs lead the market. Earnings the only thing to add volatility. GE weak earnings. Honeywell beats. Amazon has a pricing problem. Wells rehires whistleblower that didn’t exist. BofA bolts London for Dublin. Dark net crackdown. So long Spicey.

Plus, Laura Bramnick from www.TalkRealEstateAZ.com

And Gary Smith, author of “Money Machine”

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Nasdaq and Russell hit new records. Emerging markets continue a streak. ECB holds steady and slightly dovish. Leading economic index jumps. CBO scores BCRA – ugly. AZ loses jobs in June. Earnings season: Microsoft hits a record high. Visa strong. EBay stumbles. Amazon will carry Kenmore.

Plus, Dr. Mark Stapp from the Master of Real Estate Development program at ASU.

And Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth

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Dow, S&P, Nasdaq and Russell all close at record highs. Passive investors continue to add money. Big money pros still act skittish. Earnings looking good for now. CBO scores repeal only and it is ugly. House tries a reset with the budget.

Plus side gigs with Sarah Berger, the Cashlorette from www.Bankrate.com

And Nancy Fleming from Fleming Financial Services

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S&P and Nasdaq close at records. Repeal and replace is dead. Repeal only is dead. What next? NAR shows more foreign real estate buyers. Home builder confidence slips. Would you pay for Made in USA? California extends cap and trade. Bank of America and Goldman Sachs post earnings.

Plus, Ryan Ermey from www.Kiplinger.com with the Best Stocks in Every State to Buy Now.

Plus, Ilana Gershon, author of “Down and Out in the New Economy”

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