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Stock dip. Household wealth rises, for some. Maria may wipe out PR bondholders. SEC hacked. S& P downgrades China, China agrees to impose sanctions on North Korea. Everybody hates the Graham-Cassidy health bill.

Plus, Solar Sandy frowm www.AskSolarSandy.com

Plus, Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth

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Financial Review by Sinclair Noe for 09-21-2017

Dow, S&P and Nasdaq hit records. Waiting on the Fed. Trump’s first UN speech. Obamacare on the block again. Tax reform would add $1.5 trillion to deficit. Did Wells Fargo beat the rap? Equifax sinks lower. Hurricane Maria to PR. Housing starts slip. And more

Plus Daniel Bustamante from www.LongShortRadio.com

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Dow and S&P 500 hit records again. Waiting on the Fed to reverse QE. Northrop Grumman buys Orbital. Hurricane Maria eyes Puerta Rico. Obamacare repeal zombies. Justice Dept. investigates insider trading at Equifax. Bad student loans. Toys R Us R BK. Dimon’s bitcoin con.

Plus, Richard Rabba, CEO of Gfycat.com

Plus, Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth

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Dow and S&P 500 hit record highs. Retail sales slip. Industrial production down. Oracle disappoints. Equifax continues to disappoint and outrage. Dangerous airline seats. Goodbye, Yellow Pages.

Plus Dr. Mark Stapp from ASU

Plus Steve Slavin, author of “The Great American Economy”

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Dow record again. Tax reform details – not now. DACA deal or not. Oil pushes against resistance. CPI shows inflation – really. AZ unemployment dips with government jobs added. Motel 6 – they’ll shine a light on you. Equifax outrage.

Plus, Solar Sandy

Plus, Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth

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Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq hit record highs again. Third strongest and second longest bull market. Looking for a tax reform plan. Healthcare for none vs. Medicare for all. PPI jumps due to oil. Irma strikes a nursing home. Equifax apology falls flat.

Plus, Peter Cohan, author of “Disciplined Growth Strategies”.

Plus, Nancy Fleming from Fleming Financial

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