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Financial Review

Financial Review is a quick summary of the day’s stock market activity hosted by Sinclair Noe, host of the full-length program of the same name on Money Radio 1510 and 99.3 FM in Phoenix, Arizona. Each weekday, Sinclair goes in depth in what caused the market activity, and gives listeners a starting point for the next trading day.

Sure, Why Not? Stocks higher. Oil higher. Dollar higher. Bond yields higher. PPI barely budges. Cohen selling access? California mandates solar. Earnings rolling in.

Plus, Leonard Sominsky, Esq from LVSAZLaw.com

Plus, Nancy Fleming from Fleming Financial Services

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Trump blows up Iran deal. Stocks stumble but close flat. Oil dips but holds $70. JOLTS – a job opening for everyone. Equifax gets worse.

Plus, Patrick Welch on the 2018 Arizona and Mexico Town Hall. Plus, Hector Macdonald, author of “Truth” More info at www.SinclairNoe.com

Oil tops $70; waiting on Iran decision. Merger Monday: Blackstone-Gramercy, Athena Health, Comcast-Sky, Nestle-Starbucks deal. Android Things. Apple record. Berkshire annual meeting.

Plus, Solar Sandy Plus, Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth More info at www.SinclairNoe.com

April Jobs Report

164,000 new jobs in April. Unemployment rate hits 3.9%. Wages flat. How low can we go? How is the labor market changing?

Plus, Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing Plus, Jordan Goodman from MoneyAnswers.com Plus, Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst with Bankrate.com

Go Placidly Stock drop then flatten out. Fed tightening makes dollar king for now. China trade talks, meh. Trump, Cohen, Guiliani and a changing story. Elon Musk’s earnings call. AZ teacher strike ends.

Plus, Anthony Nieves, chair of the ISM Non-manufacturing Business Survey Committee. Plus, Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth More info at www.SinclairNoe.com

Diminished Expectations

Stocks pop and then fall after Fed holds pat. Strong 1Q earnings already priced in. China trade delegation – don’t expect much. EU fires back on tariffs. #RedforEd Day 5, possible deal.

Plus, Leonard Sominsky, bankruptcy attorney from www.LVSAzLaw.com

Plus, Nancy Fleming from Fleming Financial

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May Day

Stocks still in correction territory. Apple beats. Facebook matches and will clear history. Tariff exemptions extended, maybe sorta. ISM manufacturing dips. Home price jump. Gibson BK. #redforEd Day 4.

Plus, Dr. Dennis Hoffman from ASU. Plus, Timothy Fiore from ISM Manufacturing. Plus, Solar Sandy More info at www.SinclairNoe.com

Stocks drop. April stock indices post small gains. Sprint and T-Mobile announce merger, maybe. Crude oil near 4-year high. PCE inflation hits 2% target. Budget deficit climbs. AZ teacher walkout continues.

Plus, Dr. Lee McPheters from ASU Plus, Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth More info at www.SinclairNoe.com