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Financial Review

Financial Review is a quick summary of the day’s stock market activity hosted by Sinclair Noe, host of the full-length program of the same name on Money Radio 1510 and 99.3 FM in Phoenix, Arizona. Each weekday, Sinclair goes in depth in what caused the market activity, and gives listeners a starting point for the next trading day.

Record highs for Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, and Russell 2K. Fed minutes. Manufacturing win-win. Construction spending up. Car sales. Crude hits $61. Bombogenesis.

Plus, Tim Fiore, Chair of the ISM Manufacturing report.

Plus, Nancy Fleming from Fleming Financial Services

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S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000 hit record highs. At this point in the expansion… Cold weather, heating fuel record usage. North Korea, Iran, Pakistan. Minimum wage increases. Air travel is safest. California goes to pot. Amazon goes bananas. Shoppers’ debt. Unexpected threats.

Plus, Ask Solar Sandy.

Plus, Jake Bernstein, author of “Secrecy World – Inside the Panama Papers Investigation of Illicit Money Networks and the Global Elite”

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Chuck Essigs, Director of Govt. Relations, Arizona Association of School Business Officals talks about recent AZTownHall.org convention on education funding.

Plus, Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth

2017 Financial Review

Year end review of stocks, bonds, commodities, and more. Plus, the annual bankster of the year award, and (dis)honorable mention. Happy New Year

Plus, Chad Free, author of “Wake Up Your Retirement”

Plus, Jordan Goodman from www.MoneyAnswers.com

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Dow and S&P hit record highs, again. Copper 4-year high. Oil up. North Korea caught red handed. South Korea clamps down on bitcoin. A shift in the Senate. A very bad weather year. Looking for loopholes in the tax plan.

Plus, Tobie Stanger, a senior editor with Consumer Reports on tax plan and real estate.

Plus, Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth

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Stocks flat Oil falls back. Copper hits 4-year high. Cobalt even better. Holiday shopping season was big. Amazon rules. Apple slows. Consumer confidence still high. Case Shiller shows home sales higher. NAR shows pending sales still strong.

Plus, Solar Sandy

Plus, Nancy Fleming from Fleming Financial Services

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Laura Bramnick from www.TalkRealEstateAZ.com

Plus, Steve Hoffman, author of “Make Elephants Fly”.

Chuck Essigs from the AZ Association of School Business Officials discusses recent www.AZTownHall.org Funding for Pre-K through 12 Education. Also, Steve Jurich from IQ Wealth.