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Mastering Money is hosted by Certified Income Specialist™ Steve Jurich. Steve’s comments have been seen on MarketWatch, CNBC.com, Bloomberg, and TheStreet.com. Steve is joined on most days by Money Radio favorite Ken Morgan as well as experts and authors from the world of Wall Street and real estate. New episodes published every weekday at 9am PST. Also, an encore show at 6pm PST. Listen every weekday to get a handle on emerging market trends, asset allocation strategies, social security, medicare, RMD planning, tax strategies, estate planning, annuities, life insurance and more!

…Planning a financial portfolio for retirement is much like building a custom home. To build a custom home, you start with a blueprint that details not only what your house will look like, but how the individual components will come together–starting with the Foundation. To do it right, you must first know what your objectives are. You and your designer work together to draw a plan that includes every room and every detail of each room until you have a full set of construction plans, plus a list of materials and resources needed to build the house in a timely manner. Today, we’ll discuss how to build a financial plan for retirement that can weather all storms–and then CPA Nick Stefaniak joins us with Tax Tips on the New Tax Law. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

Americans’ wealth pushed further into record territory in the final quarter of last year, hitting nearly $100 trillion dollars(!) — thanks to rising stock markets and real estate prices. Household net worth—the value of all assets such as stocks and real estate minus liabilities like mortgage and credit-card debt—rose more than $2 trillion dollars last quarter to an all time record of $98.7 trillion dollars! U.S. households also saw their net worth rise to nearly seven times their disposable personal income in 2017, swelling past earlier pre-recession peaks.  While it all sounds like good news, it is also cause for some concern. Americans are suddenly not saving money like they were in 2015.  Previous busts—like in the early and late 2000s—were preceded by similar periods of rising asset values and low saving. Today on Mastering Money, we’ll do a complete run down of the markets and the economy from multiple financial analysts, and compare the trends to previous bull and BEAR markets. You don’t want to miss it! MASTERING MONEY is on the air!

To build your nest egg, you need to make better decisions. To make better decisions, you need to think about your desired outcomes and what types of investments or assets are the most likely to help you achieve those outcomes within the time frame you’re dealing with.

Stephen Covey, author of the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People called it “beginning with the end in mind” and being “proactive.”

Warren Buffet calls it rules-based investing. Today we’ll talk about a step-by-step  way to combine some of the Seven Habits with the street smarts of legendary investor, Warren Buffet! Then, PhD Doris Milton joins us for the Health and Wealth segment. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!

You don’t have to be a genius to become a millionaire in the stock market. You don’t have to be a master trader or market timer either. In fact, market timing rarely works out! All you need is time and a simple plan. Multiple studies show that your plan can be as simple as buying high quality dividend-GROWTH stocks, at fair prices and letting them work FOR you over time. Dividend growth stocks are also known as dividend growers– stocks that grow their dividend payouts every year, consecutively and consistently, and pay them to you quarterly, so that you can reinvest the dividends. According to data compiled by Ned Davis Research Dividend Paying stocks outperformed non-dividend payers over thirty years by a wide margin. The stocks of companies that grew their dividends every year, performed even better, more than doubling the return of stocks who cut their dividends. Today, we’ll reveal how you can finally build wealth, preserve wealth, and have more income than you thought possible.  MASTERING MONEY is on the air!

It’s a LARRY KUDLOW MONDAY! The former Ronald Reagan economist is on deck with high powered guests and unique insights on the economy, the markets, politics, Donald Trump, Congress, the FBI, the second amendment,  and much more!—coming up NEXT–you definitely don’t want to miss it!!

During the past 100 years, over thirteen thousand banks have closed due to insolvency, the stock market has fallen by more than fifty percent on multiple occasions, there have been two world wars, assassinations, real estate recessions, 9-11 and 2008. Which industry has been through it all, and emerged as the most consistently secure in the financial world? That would be life insurance companies. What’s behind the remarkable consistency of this multi-trillion dollar industry? Life insurers adhere to a system of reserve requirements, auditing, and regulation like no other financial industry! Today, we’ll explore the myths about life insurance companies, and what to look for when choosing annuities for your 401k, 403b, or IRA Rollover! MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

It looks like Market Volatility Is Back…Is your investment portfolio  Ready? As stocks have rebounded from a scary February slide, the up and down movement may be foreshadowing a new, more-volatile period for markets according to analysis in the Wall Street Journal….Is your investment portfolio ready? Today, we’ll review what you can do now to prepare and how to benefit from both up and down markets. MASTERING MONEY IS ON THE AIR

These are some long-held rules that most retirement scholars and financial advisers seem to lean on, or play like a broken record. One of those, according to the Wall Street Journal, is the four percent withdrawal rule. But “Retiring now is pretty dangerous,” says David Blanchett, head of retirement research at Morningstar Inc., and as the Wall Street Journal reports, experts now believe a fifty percent failure rate awaits those investors who choose to rely on the four percent rule, or those who haphazardly withdraw from their investments for their retirement due to high current markets and low interest rates. We’ll review problems and solutions. Then CPA Nick Stefaniak is here for the Q & A session to review the new tax law. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!