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Mastering Money

Mastering Money is hosted by Certified Income Specialist™ Steve Jurich. Steve’s comments have been seen on MarketWatch, CNBC.com, Bloomberg, and TheStreet.com. Steve is joined on most days by Money Radio favorite Ken Morgan as well as experts and authors from the world of Wall Street and real estate. New episodes published every weekday at 9am PST. Also, an encore show at 6pm PST. Listen every weekday to get a handle on emerging market trends, asset allocation strategies, social security, medicare, RMD planning, tax strategies, estate planning, annuities, life insurance and more!

We’re going to analyze top dividend paying stocks in the health care sector and see which may qualify for the Black Diamond Dividend Portfolio. Then, estate planning attorney Richard Dwornik will talk about the biggest mistakes made when choosing beneficiaries in a living trust 

we’re going to analyze a famous dividend stock to see if it is worthy of having in your portfolio  and then Steve will do a comparison of Next Generation fixed index annuities versus expensive and risky variable annuities


We’re going to be talking about the booming business of renting your second home with just a few clicks on the internet– like a hotel on AirBnB, VRBO and now Expedia and Hotels.com! Find out how big dollars are being made and what the next big IPO could be! And we may even hear from Bill Tatro before its all over –Big show today

…it’s a Larry Kudlow Monday!! The former Ronald Reagan economist, CNBC contributor, and syndicated radio host weighs in on money, politics, tax reform– and more!  Hear from Larry’s guests who are truly movers and shakers in Washington. Lots to cover on today’s show!!

The number of people living to –and past–age 100 is skyrocketing, statistically speaking. Its causing an issue not really seen much before–people outliving their life insurance policies. If you have the right kind of policy, no problem. If not, you could be out of luck. We’ll explore a Wall Street Journal story where a family is suing Transamerica because, according to their lawyer, the insurance company should have known that grandpa would live past age 100. He bought the policy some 35 years ago!  Then Steve will cover the various types of life policies and how to avoid outliving yours!

Estate planning attorney Richard Dwornik will join us soon to talk about what it means to be a Trustee in your own trust and what your successor trustees need to know, but first Steve will explain how  $100,000 turned into three million dollars with  some familiar dividend paying stocks using time, not timing, plus we’ll look at another stock on the Black Diamond Dividend watch list..

It’s a Health and Wealth Wednesday! Today, we’ll be talking with the Tax Nurse, Doris Milton of H & R Block who also holds a Doctorate Degree in Nursing, about the state of the state in Health care and health INSURANCE, and of course this is a big difference between the two, plus we’ll analyze some dividend paying health care stocks on the Black Diamond watch list!


It’s a TATRO TUESDAY—Bill will be joining us to discuss the markets and the economy,  reviewing whether or not bonds belong in an investment portfolio at all these days—many analysts caution against the risk in bond funds and bond ETFs should interest rates rise significantly. Plus we’ll look at a stock you’ve heard of that outperformed the S & P by 65% in 2008!