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Mastering Money is hosted by Certified Income Specialist™ Steve Jurich. Steve’s comments have been seen on MarketWatch, CNBC.com, Bloomberg, and TheStreet.com. Steve is joined on most days by Money Radio favorite Ken Morgan as well as experts and authors from the world of Wall Street and real estate. New episodes published every weekday at 9am PST. Also, an encore show at 6pm PST. Listen every weekday to get a handle on emerging market trends, asset allocation strategies, social security, medicare, RMD planning, tax strategies, estate planning, annuities, life insurance and more!

Hedge funds are now buying Bitcoin, including former Legg Mason fund manager Bill Miller. Miller managed a fund at Legg Mason that beat the S&P 500 for 15 straight years through 2005.    His MVP1 fund is up 72.5 percent this year as of October 30th. MVP1 bought bitcoin at an average price of $350 each.  Bitcoin traded around $6,100 in recent days,  meaning the fund’s digital currency investments have soared more than 1,600 percent in a year.  How high can Bitcoin fly? We’ll see what he told the Wall Street Journal, and how computer hackers are making money mining Bitcoin on their victims computers.

Mastering Money 11/1/17

As baby boomers retire and enter their 70s –and eventually their 80s, they will rely on Millennials—now the largest population group by far in the U.S.— to keep buying stocks. If not, Boomer IRAs could suffer in the long run. Here’s the problem, Millennials don’t have as much money as boomers, and they don’t like stocks as much. We’ve got the Wall Street Journal report on Millennials and plenty more!  

It’s a LARRY KUDLOW MONDAY! The former Ronald Reagan economist and syndicated talk show host handles the Market Intel segment joined by some very special guests to zero in on money, politics, Donald Trump, Congress, and  tax reform

AT&T was once called Ma Bell, dominating communications in the United States for decades– until the Sherman Anti-Trust laws came along. Today, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are suddenly starting to get heavy regulatory scrutiny! Could it bring the whole market down? We’ll see what Barron’s has to say! Then we’ll head over Vegas to see if there is money to be made with Caesar’s stock, now that  their troubles are behind them. And it’s a JOE FRIDAY! Senior Loan Officer Joe Capitano joins us for the Q & A

Today on Mastering Money We’ll cover the The EB-5 immigration system which allows a certain number of immigrants to “buy” their way into America, but with some pretty strict rules according to the Wall Street Journal.. then we’ll look at the transportation sector and how trucking firms suddenly can’t find enough truck drivers! Shipping costs may rise and certain  ETFs may benefit—especially with the Christmas season on the way. We’ll dig in…

IT’s a Health & Wealth Wednesday—Today, PhD and Registered Nurse Doris Milton is here—We’ll also be joined by an expert on Medicare—quite timely, since it is now the time of Medicare open enrollment. But first we’ll review advances in the fight  fight Alzheimers and Dementia–and  several bio tech stocks that may have a lot more gas in the tank–

The new proposed tax reform bill doubles the standard deduction which helps—but will it make the mortgage deduction irrelevant for 90 percent of U.S. home owners? Yes, according to analysts. And if the mortgage deduction is no longer relevant, could it hurt demand for real estate and send prices downward? Yes, by ten percent, according to economists. And how is AirBnB affecting real estate prices with its short term rental business model? You may be surprised. We’ve got the Wall Street Journal report. Then, agricultural commodity expert Terry Shveda with Decadian joins us for the Q & A