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Mastering Money is hosted by Certified Income Specialist™ Steve Jurich. Steve’s comments have been seen on MarketWatch, CNBC.com, Bloomberg, and TheStreet.com. Steve is joined on most days by Money Radio favorite Ken Morgan as well as experts and authors from the world of Wall Street and real estate. New episodes published every weekday at 9am PST. Also, an encore show at 6pm PST. Listen every weekday to get a handle on emerging market trends, asset allocation strategies, social security, medicare, RMD planning, tax strategies, estate planning, annuities, life insurance and more!

Studies show that over 68% of retiring Americans have the same unanswered questions on Social Security:


  1. When am I eligible to receive my benefits?
  2. How is eligibility determined?
  3. Will Social Security go broke and leave me with nothing? 
  4. What changes are in store for 2018?
  5. Should I claim my social security benefits early?
  6. Should I delay claiming my benefits?
  7. How much will I pay in taxes on my benefits?
  8. Will I get the same amount of money out of the system that I put in?

Today, we’ll explore the evidence on whether or not Social Security will go bankrupt and if so, when.

If you are a wise investor, you pay attention to fees! But did you know there is a big difference between a fee, an expense, and a COST when it comes to investing? One of them is measured in hundredths of a percent–The others can be measured in thousandsof dollars!!  We’ll give you the inside scoop on how to lower BOTH your fees and the TRUE COST of investing for retirement.  Steve will lay out the irrefutable logic and simple math for becoming a better and smarter investor! You don’t want to miss today’s show!!

No market rises forever, and even if this market continues its march upward in 2018, we all know a reversal is out there somewhere. If the market does go into a tailspin, experts point out that it will not be individual mom and pop investors that will bring it down, it will likely be quant computers and programmed trading, which now control of over five trillion dollars of capital on Wall Street.  History shows that computer programmed trading has been one of the main culprits in accelerating the last three crashes. Today, we’ll explore whyanalysts believe that programmed trading will once again be a big part of the next crash, whenever that is…You don’t want to miss today’s show!!

Today on Mastering Money

Should you own IBM stock? We’ll review the Motley Fool’s opinion of the all new Big Blue and see if its big shift into future technologies will make it a major player in the years and decade ahead. Plus Steve will review the Black Diamond and Blue Diamond investment portfolios 

A new major economic study shows that China’s economy is now responsible for nearly half of all global GDP growth, and will surpass the United States in 2032–the same year that the U.S. Social Security system is due to be underfunded. The study also found that India will surpass China in the second half of this century as the world’s largest economy. Where do we stand with China right now, and is your portfolio prepared? Do you have a plan for retirement that protects you in both good AND bad markets?  Find out what you need to know in order to get a grip on where the market is heading. 

Most people are aware of the IRS penalty of 10% for withdrawing money prior to age 59 ½  from an IRA or tax qualified retirement plan like a 401k. However, there are two rules which, if followed correctly, may allow a person to withdraw substantial funds WITHOUT penalty, setting up a steady income stream to cover an early retirement. Coming up next, we’ll review the rules of IRS code 72(t) and the Rule of 55, plus much more!

Is there any such thing as the perfect investment or the perfect WAY to  invest?  And–is it possible to diversify enough to eliminate risks and still maximize the upside? ..Unfortunately not!  Risks can be offset, but never eliminated, when you invest in stocks. Today, we’ll explore the world’s most famous investment strategy and see why it has lagged the S & P 500 and the Dow for years! Then Steve reviews some unique new trends in life insurance with refundable long term care conversion benefits.  

Why is there a move back into dividends, and where can you find the highest dividend-paying stocks? Most important, what do you need to know before you buy dividend stocks and how do you calculate the dividend yield easily? Today we’ll review that and 5 opportunities for getting higher dividends into your financial plan.