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Millennial Money Club

Millennial Money Club is a first of it’s kind! The show addresses the challenges, obstacles, and stereotypes Millennial’s face when entering today’s business world or even starting a business of their own. Listeners will get amazing stories of adversity, success, and triumph. Jason Scott and Jason Mitchell will talk with local and nationally recognized leaders of today, giving guidance and advice to Millennials and anyone in business looking to achieve success. Millennial Money Club will close every show with “Today’s Lesson” by Berkley & University of San Fransisco Professor of Economics, Mario Muzzi. New episodes every Friday at 2pm.

How One Viral Video Inspired an 11-Year-Old Girl and her father To Help Hundreds Of Homeless People. Chris Hooley the founder of reKindle, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing direct help to the homeless and Josh Zuniga who handles their marketing and is also actively involved in local real-estate. 

Escape the heat! 27-year-old Hotelier tells his story… #SanDiego #Travel #RARHospitality #BuildingaBrand

Make it Happen!  #Sales #Advertising #ItWorks #Juuice Nate Reis | Founder & CEO of Juuice/Railway

Tech and how it has changed the way we live. # Innovation #AVIWear

Jason Mitchell and Mario Muzzi talk with Dan Shannon Founder/CEO of AV iwear (http://www.aviwear.com/)

MMC sits down with Web mogul and furniture craftsmen, Viet Le! Winner of the Best Web Design and Programming Firm in the Valley (AZ Foothills 2016/2017). Entrepreneur, reason why he dominated a market but left it to take on a whole new challenge in the Rustic and Industrial Furniture business.



Broke Millennial! Stop scrapping by and get your life together!

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Superfandom: How Our Obsessions Are Changing What We Buy and Who We Are

#DieHard #Fan #Passion

Guest Website: superfandombook.com & squishable.com

#Millennials value #CompanyCulture over almost everything else!  Inside look at the company culture of @SerendipitConsulting. 

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