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Millennial Money Club

Millennial Money Club is a first of it’s kind! The show addresses the challenges, obstacles, and stereotypes Millennial’s face when entering today’s business world or even starting a business of their own. Listeners will get amazing stories of adversity, success, and triumph. Jason Scott and Jason Mitchell will talk with local and nationally recognized leaders of today, giving guidance and advice to Millennials and anyone in business looking to achieve success. Millennial Money Club will close every show with “Today’s Lesson” by Berkley & University of San Fransisco Professor of Economics, Mario Muzzi. New episodes every Friday at 2pm.

Peter Johnson is an established entrepreneur and proven leader with a successful history of bringing innovative and environmentally sound products and brands to market. Phat Scooters started in February of this year and has a fun, efficient way to get around town with the current Phat Scooter design. WEB: https://phatscooters.com/ IG: @phatscoot

Daniel is a business owner and teaches the Core Foundations of Trading class and heads the Shark Sessions Workshops in the United States. He began his career in finance at the age of twenty while in undergrad at Arizona State University working for Charles Schwab. He has held roles as a trader for a firm in Los Angeles as well as a long/short hedge fund in Scottsdale, Arizona.

www.landsharkeducation.com www.longshortradio.com

Jack Gee of The Scottsdale Grand Prix. Gatsby Gala on Friday night 7-11 pm with our charity, Southwest Human Development and so much MORE! Tickets available online GrandPrixScottsdale.com and at the event.

MMC talks with Tagan Dering and Babak Motamedi with Herban Planet,  striving to become the most comprehensive online informational resource within the cannabis community.


Talking with David Tyda about the AZ Taco Festival one of the country’s most exciting food events. It was the first taco festival ever, in the world, and remains the only one sanctioned by the National Taco Association. 

ATF 2016

From Football to Fabrication DeWayne Lewis President of Top Onyx Premier Granite & Fabrication.

MMC chats with Fouad Belgaied CEO Hummus King Meals, but you can call him Freddy. Back for a 2nd interview because the Stancill said to come back in six months to see where he was at. Took that to heart and as a challenge, to talk about growing his business, and all the work you put in to get you to this point is only at that point. Accepting the fact what you have is not good enough to for the next level. How does a business handle that?

All things digital publication, demographic and taking big leaps of faith. Paige Bird, Editor in Chief of Metiza Magazine