How to make it, spend it, and invest it

My Smart Retirement

Whether you are planning to retire someday, or find yourself already there, you know there’s lots of advice swirling around – some dangerous, some making outrageous claims. Where do you go? Who can you trust? How do you avoid the danger zone? Nancy Fleming with Fleming Financial Services features a weekly show that offers sound, practical solutions to these concerns and more. New episodes offered every Saturday.

Happy Father’s Day Money Radio listeners!

As you enjoy this special day, before firing up the grill or just sit on the couch and relax, you NEED to check out the Father’s Day Edition of My Smart Retirement with Certified Financial Planner Nancy Fleming and Money Radio’s Sinclair Noe.

Find out How men are different in their investment approach and strategies to make sure your retirement plans don’t get derailed.

The greatest gift to a mother is a child and the greatest gift to a child is his or her mother. Nancy and Sinclair put the focuses on YOU, … MOM.
This Sunday is Mother’s Day and Mom’s have a different set of needs in retirement, Dive into retirement as a mother and women. What do you need to prepare for? Your needs are different in life and retirement.

Retiring early… Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Have you ever thought about retiring at 55, or maybe sooner?

Sinclair and Nancy discuss pitfalls to avoid and strategies to use to retire early.

Have you ever thought about long term care? Who needs it? When do you need it? Certified Financial Planner Nancy Fleming and Money Radio’s Sinclair Noe will give you more details if you’re not sure of the answer.