How to make it, spend it, and invest it

My Smart Retirement

Whether you are planning to retire someday, or find yourself already there, you know there’s lots of advice swirling around – some dangerous, some making outrageous claims. Where do you go? Who can you trust? How do you avoid the danger zone? Nancy Fleming with Fleming Financial Services features a weekly show that offers sound, practical solutions to these concerns and more. New episodes offered every Saturday.

Getting an annuity and setting up retirement income can be a complex and confusing process.

Nancy and Sinclair cover the ABC’s of Retirement Income and Annuities. Get all your retirement do’s and don’ts!

Secure your early retirement by understanding your social security income with certified financial planner Nancy Fleming and Money Radio’s Sinclair Noe.

They will explain the best way to maximize your social security income and how it may help you enter your early retirement.

A checklist to test your readiness for retirement.

Are you keeping a tight grip on your budget or spending what you have, as a couple? That is the discussion this week on my smart retirement with certified financial planner Nancy Flemming and money radio’s Sinclair Noe.  Nancy and Sinclair look at the pairing of tightwads and spenders. They will discuss how to make it work.

My smart retirement show? Check. With certified financial planner Nancy Flemming? Check. Are you ready to retire? Well? On this week’s my smart retirement, certified financial planner Nancy Flemming and money radio’s Sinclair Noe map out a checklist to show how ready are you to retire. Checklist retirement readiness, right now!