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Trump must return to KingDollar to sustain prosperity and march to re-election. @Moore, Steve @James [email protected] Peek

Will infrastructure be a boondoggle or serious growth measure? Fed gov’t? Public/Private?

Is there an inflation threat? @Lavorgna Joseph @Lavorgnanomics. Capgoods boom? More potential to grow?

@davidbahnson: ” A Crisis of Responsibility: Our Cultural Addiction to Blame and How You Can Cure It.”

Sen Bill Cassidy: Rising GOP mid-term outlook w/ tax cut popularity & growth/jobs/wages. Russian Indictments? No Trump collusion? Infrastructure.

Sen David Perdue: Is Trump budget really so bad? Reform entitlements? Workfare? Deficits & Debt? Budget reform? Immigration gonna make it?

Stock market comes back strong. Have rates peaked? Correction over? Inflation fears? Deficits & debt worries? Bitcoin update?

Is GOP still party of spending restraint? Is Tea Party over? 2-year budget deal eliminates spending caps & sequester. Special tax breaks ? Entitlements? Medicaid? OB-Care? Rules? 20%/GDP ? Cong Mark Meadows, chair of Freedom Caucus

Is economy fundamentally sound? So stocks still good buy at lower prices? War on Rich won’t help the poor: https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-war-on-the-rich-wont-help-the-poor-1518134282?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=1

It’s real interest rates from stronger economy that led to 10% stock correction. Vix derivatives? Profits still mother’s milk of economy? When to buy? https://www.wsj.com/articles/global-stock-slump-continues-1518138066

The post-war Marshall plan helped save West European democracies from Communism. Will Trump America First weaken alliance? https://www.wsj.com/articles/review-when-the-marshall-plan-helped-plot-a-new-course-for-the-west-1518212300 https://www.wsj.com/articles/will-china-impose-a-new-world-order-1518219178

Seton Hall speech on JFK & the Reagan Revolution—–Kudlow & Domitrovic

Is White House again splintering into disorder? Kelly-Porter-Thornton-Cohn-Mulvaney

American Spies gave $100K to Russian to get dirt on Trump!!!!

Whole Russian investigation a scam based on phony dossier from Clinton payroll. Give Mueller 3 months to rap it all up. There’s no there there.

600 point stock drop from higher real & market rates and stronger economy. Correction a good thing. Buy the dip.

Don’t forget excellent Davos & SOTU speeches. America open for biz. Free, fair & reciprocal trade; no NAFTA pullout. Appeal to Dems cooperation. Euro social justice ceos may hate Trump, but now they’re behind his policies cause he’s making so much money for them.

Do Dems really want immigration reform? Doubtful. Budget shutdown. Debt limit. Infrastructure?

Strong jobs report. Wages rising. Econ shifting into high gear. Supply-side impact from tax rate reduction. More people working do not cause inflation. Gold falling.

Mid-term election looks much closer w/ rising econ, end of Russian nonsense, Trump wanting immigration deal. What do Dems represent besides Trump hating.

America First Triumphs in Davos. Open for business. Going to Davos a brilliant strategy. But America First does not mean America Alone.

Trump accommodating NAFTA & TPP? Reciprocity. Dollar will get stronger & stronger.

Increasingly prominent Sen David Perdue standing w/ Trump on immigration. Tax reform investment boom. SOTU preview.

Stocks still on a tear. New records. Dollar? Gold? Oil? Strong investment. Profits. Fed rate hike?

Did Trump really want to fire Mueller? Should he? Should he appear under oath before Mueller? What’s this classified document w/ Clinton operatives & phony dossier & FISA?

Will secular stagnationists Larry Summers and Jason Furman eat crow.

A new more flexible Trump on trade, immigration? Policy power of Gen Kelly?