How to make it, spend it, and invest it

17 Mar 2017

Financial Review by Sinclair Noe for 03-17-2017

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

St. Patrick’s Day Minus the Green.  Quad witch calm. G20 blah. Merkel-Trump blah. Tillerson’s diplomatic bomb. Apple in China. Google haters. Mule IPO. Manufacturing output rose. Consumer sentiment rose, but politically divided. LEI up. Tesla has an ATM. JCPenneystill selling Christmas sweaters. Wells Fargo and the spineless board. March Madness bets. Cheers.

Plus Joan Brett from ASU – MBA school cracks Top 25.

And Marian Salzman, author of “Agile PR: Expert Messaging in a Hyper-Connected, Always-On World”

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