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Host Your Own Show

Do you currently host a radio or talk show that is related to a financial, investment, or business format? Or are you new to broadcasting and want to start one? No matter where you start, becoming a part of our fast growing network is simple. Consider all of the options we offer you as a new Money Radio Network program:

Producing Content

If you’re a current podcaster or radio host your content is ready. You’ll simply need to provide us a digital copy of your content. If you’re just starting out or need assistance putting a show together, one our talented staff will help you through the rest. We also offer real, state of the art studios where you can produce your shows if you like as well (depending on where you’re located).
Once we receive the audio, one of our staff will optimize the audio (or video) for the most efficient format for use on the internet. Then we’ll create a brief description of what your show is about. This is usually a short, 2-3 sentence description that helps the listener know what he/she is listening to (and it provides searchable content). If you’d like to create the description to make sure nothing is left out, simply submit that when you send the audio.

Destination Delivery

One of the most exciting things about Money Radio Network is our instant promotion of your show to multiple destinations, all at once! Without that reach, you’ll miss out on potential listenership. And we handle it all! ALL of the following social media platforms are available for instant promotion when each of your shows is published:

  • Android Podcast App
  • Microsoft Windows App
  • Network App Listing
  • iPhone Podcast App

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Soundcloud
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Blog Sites

  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress

Feed Destinations

  • A listing on iTunes
  • RSS (syndication feed) so that you can have an updated episode list on your website or others!
  • A basic web page feed that details your episodes and provides a player.
  • Custom audio/video player

Have a destination in mind that you don’t see above? Let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Getting Started

Take a look below and review the steps to startup of your own show on our network. Our fast growing network is different from most, as we provide much of the marketing and promotions element that many providers leave to you.

Smartphone App Creation

First we’ll sit down with you and help put together the show’s artwork or logo. We’ll create the formats and sizes appropriate for all tablets, phones, and displays, customize the layout for all three phone formats and get it online and published in the iTunes, Android, or Windows app stores. For more details, click here [CUSTOM APPS].

I Have a Current Radio or Internet Show

As a radio host or current podcaster, you have an advantage when it comes to joining Money Radio Network – you’ve already done all of the work! Producing content on a regular basis is what you do and Money Radio Network does the rest!

Publish to your destinations – All of the incredible publishing features and destinations mentioned above – we’ll take care of it!

Online marketing – We regularly promote the network and rotate mentions of various shows through the same platform, using Facebook, Google, YouTube, and more!

“Terrestrial” radio station promotion – We have a network of business/financial “terrestrial” radio stations that already have a dedicated, loyal audience of people that we’ll advertise the on-demand and podcast products to on a regular basis.

I Don’t Have a Show but I am Ready to Start

Depending on where you live you may have access to one of our state of the art studios along with talented professionals who have decades of broadcast experience who can guide you through the process. If you don’t have equipment, we’ll show you what you need and how to get it for the lowest possible cost. We’ll consult and advise you every step of the way; whether you’re looking for just a basic handheld recorder or a complete studio build, we can help.