How to make it, spend it, and invest it

29 Jan 2021

Mastering Money 1/29/21

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Retirement minded investors need income. So, with municipal bond rates so low, are utility stocks an option for conservative investors seeking income? If you have a very low income bar, perhaps, but likely not if you are also seeking an ultra safe asset.  Utility stocks may be a good choice for some investors seeking diversification from the broader equity market since the dividend yield of utilities averages around 3.6%. That’s the highest average yield of any sector, according to a senior consultant for Morgan Stanley. Today, we’ll review why certain, select utilities may be pretty good stocks to own for total return, but not for secure, reliable  income.  Today, Steve explains what to look for in a utility stock, how to use them in your portfolio, and how to give yourself a SAFE income raise.  Then Medicare and Health Insurance expert Shelley Grandidge joins us. An informative show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!!