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In January of last year, employees of Novavax Inc. met at a local Maryland bar to discuss how they might salvage their careers. For decades, the small biotech had tried to develop a big selling vaccine, with no success. The company had enough cash to survive only another six months or so and its shares traded under $4, with a market value of $127 million dollars.  Today, Novavax is advancing toward authorization of a huge Covid-19 vaccine. Scientists believe that, if cleared, it could be one of the best, offering key possible advantages over its competitors. Some early data suggest the Novavax shot may be one of the first shown to stem asymptomatic spread of the coronavirus. It’s vaccine does not require freezing, another big advantage. Suddenly Novavax  has a market value of $15.4 billion dollars, greater than that of drug giant Teva Pharmaceuticals!   But should you buy the stock, which is up 106% this year? We’ll review an in-depth Wall Street Journal report for you, then Medicare expert Shelley Grandidge joins us. A fact filled show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY  is on the air!!!

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the cloud computing industry. All sorts of companies in every category—not to mention individual users– have been increasingly adopting cloud services for storing sensitive data. It’s a trend that can only get bigger.  Cloud storage has been a growing industry for some time, but the coronavirus really accelerated the trend in 2020 and 2021. As people work from home and do more of their shopping online, the demand for cloud services continues to grow.  Individual stocks and ETFs that focus on companies providing cloud services did especially well in 2020. Their returns have varied, but double-digit and even tri ple-digit returns were seen last year. With cloud demand expected to remain strong,  solid growth is already happening in 2021. Cloud computing saves big corporations and small businesses both money and time. Even in a recession, Cloud Computing is service that grows in demand. Today, we’ll examine the Cloud Computing industry and the investments that might pay off in 2021 and beyond…. MASTERING MONEY  is on the air!!!!

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Interest rates on  U.S. treasury bonds—once a mainstay of retirement planning—remain so low,  that almost no one can retire on them anymore.  Yields remain under 1.5% for TEN YEAR treasury’s.  This mathematical reality is causing a huge challenge for retiring investors who want to lower their risk and stop worrying about their money. Bond investors are so starved for yield right now that they are actually turning to twenty and thirty year bonds issued by America’s Colleges and Universities—which are struggling due to Covid 19 and cancellation of athletics.  Today, we’ll review a surprising report on buyers lining up to buy these bonds that may shock you. Then Medicare and Health insurance expert Shelley Grandidge joins us.  A thought provoking show you don’t want to miss….. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

What’s the smart way to allocate money in retirement?  Should all of your money be in the stock market? After all, it is climbing nicely,  and the experts say there are bullish factors ranging from the end of the pandemic, to a few more multi-trillion dollar stimulus packages on the way.  But just because the market shows an uptrend, does that mean a person who’s worked and saved for thirty years should keep all of their life savings with the Wizards of Wall Street?  We all know how that story can end. Retirement should be a beginning, NOT an end. Financially speaking, it should be the time when you can finally relax.  For most people, the goal is not to see how rich you can get —  it’s to see how GOOD  you can feel about how your money is invested and in simply living life on your own terms—doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. And, that confidence needs to be based on knowledge and smart planning, not just wishing and hoping. Today, we’ll review just how you go about that. Steve has some advice and numbers to share with you that you don’t want to miss….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!!

It is looking more likely that the U.S. will be swimming in Covid-19 vaccine doses by the summer. That’s good news for all of us, as long as the Biden Harris administration keeps getting shots in arms.  Vaccines have long been a sleepy little corner of the pharmaceutical industry, dominated by a handful of companies that sell billions of dollars worth of vaccines a year, unperturbed by upstarts. The competition for market leadership in vaccines is about to get nasty experts say, with the usual giants Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer in the game along with Astra Zeneca and Sanofi. But newer companies like Moderna are going to be a factor. Should you be investing in these companies. We have a report from Barrons for you today that’ll provide grist for the mill and get your wheels turning. Them Medicare and health insurance expert Shelley Grandidge joins us. A fact filled show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

Joe Biden, as recently as 2019, is on record saying that he didn’t see the nation-state of China as a major threat—economically or from a spying standpoint. When pressed on whether China was ready to overtake the U.S. economically, he ridiculed the idea, and finished his statement with the phrase “Come on, man.”  Regarding spying he said, “they aren’t bad folks, FOLKS..”   It’s surprising, then,  that someone with a security clearance as high as the vice president of the United States would either be that naïve, or that deceptive.  Bloomberg reports that as far back as 2010, during the Obama-Biden administration, the U.S. Department of Defense found thousands of its computer servers sending military network data TO China — the result of source-code hidden in chips that handled the machines’ startup process. Today, we’ll review a Bloomberg report on how China is spying on military operations, companies, and everyday people. Then, estate planning attorney Libby Banks joins us to review asset protection techniques that are 100% legal.  An important show you don’t want to miss….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

A look at how President’s Day came to be, along with some continuing business stories, and a special presentation of the Motley Fool Money Show to wrap up with great money making and  money saving ideas from Steve.