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Investment mistakes are  easy to make, even when you take a logical approach to the market. And who among us is 100 percent logical all the time?   Most people in or near retirement would rather not spend hours a day studying market trends, money flows,  and reading detailed reports. That’s why you offload that task to a professional. But there were a number of money managers and analysts who were caught off guard by the 2020 election.  Many thought it was logical that if Joe Biden won the election, the market would decline. But the market went UP on election day, proving one important thing:  the market is RARELY logical! But does that mean YOU can’t take a logical approach to your investments? Not at all!  Today, we’ll examine just how to do that. Then health insurance and Medicare expert Shelley Grandidge joins us.  A truly educational show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

Cannabis stocks were all the rage several years back, and then collapsed. Now, with a Biden presidency, a move to the left,  and maybe some help from chat rooms at StockTwits and Reddits, pot stocks may be “getting high” again. Some of the retail traders on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum who helped spark GameStop’s big pop– have set their sights on public cannabis companies. For example Canadian grower Tilray  jumped about 51% in one DAY on Wednesday.   Sundial Growers (SNDL) jumped 79%–all in one day.  The biggest reason appears to be the chatrooms at Reddit and StockTwits.com, but there are five more bullish factors says Barrons. We’ll review them for you in the Market Intel segment and then Steve reviews Rollover IRA strategies that can make your retirement a thing of beauty.  A packed,  money-making show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

Of the top 10 causes of death globally,  Alzheimer’s is  the only one that can’t currently be cured, slowed down, or prevented– at least not yet. The disease manifests in different ways, with some patients living 20 years after diagnosis, but most often in the range of  four to eight years. Although 80% of those with the disease are 75 or over, Alzheimer’s typically emerges in midlife, remarkably–20 to 30 years before symptoms like memory loss or troubles with language appear. You can have it and not know it.  One prominent researcher told Barrons:  “Alzheimer’s is a disease of greater prevalence and greater lethality than Covid-19”   He went on to say:  “This is an ongoing pandemic.  Its cost to America in terms of direct medical costs is significantly higher than cancer.” There are some treatment breakthroughs…we’ll tell you about them and then Medicare expert Shelley Grandidge joins us. A fact filled show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

It wasn’t that long ago, after the deep recession in 2009, that people looking for new homes wanted to downsize. Sure, they still wanted modern design, but in smaller spaces.  The Pandemic has shot that idea. After getting stuck at home, people are making the move to larger spaces, if they can afford it. And because of record breaking low interest rates, a surprising number of people CAN afford it. Most personal and family fortunes have been built in real estate and the stock market. Today, we’ll review the space where real estate and the stock market intersect. We’ll examine the stock of homebuilders, which many analysts say are on the way up, and we’ll review Barrons number one home builder stock. Then we’ll interview one of Arizona’s leading luxury custom home builders, Mr. Dave Reese, founder of the Platinum Companies. Get ready for some shocking statistics on how many luxury homes are being bought in Arizona right now!  This is an interview you don’t want to miss. A great show for you today….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!!

Today on Mastering Money…It’s a MOTLEY FOOL MONDAY!! The Motley Fool Money Show is one of the most popular stock market TALK SHOWS in America, featuring timely insights from top market experts and heard by millions of listeners coast to coast—including Saturdays right here on Money Radio at 5pm! After an update of the markets and today’s breaking financial news stories, we’ll take you to an exclusive broadcast of the Motley Fool Money Show… chock full of ideas to help you become a more informed investor, followed by proven money-making and money-SAVING ideas from Steve that you DON’T want to miss! — A jam-packed show for you today,  and it all starts RIGHT NOW… MASTERING MONEY IS ON THE AIR!!!   

Whether knowingly or not, millions of Americans voted for higher gas and electricity prices when they voted for Joe Biden, and based on recent market action, they are already getting a return on their vote “investment.”  Joe Biden has been busy.  He has been practicing speeches and signing so many orders, he has set a record. Shutting down the XL Pipeline appears only to be the beginning. Reports are that the first one hundred days for the Joe Biden presidency may include a declaration of emergency with relation to Climate Change that further decimates the fossil fuel industry which provides a million jobs. Gas and oil prices are already rising and could go up dramatically this year.  Non partisan experts point out that the 2015 Paris Climate accord, which Biden is joining again, will wipe out close to 2.5 trillion dollars in gross domestic product by the year 2035 and require the United States to pay billions in climate reparations to the U.N…We have a complete report for you today,  and then Medicare expert Shelley Grandidge joins us.  A timely show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

Because of the advances in annuity engineering over the past five years, the demand for a newer form of annuity has steadily risen. No longer an afterthought, specific types of annuities have taken center stage for smart investors looking to nail down preservation and income. Why? Because pensions are being phased out, and interest rates on bonds are stuck near two hundred year lows. Once upon a time, a million dollars in treasury bonds would pay a retiree seventy thousand dollars a year or more, guaranteed.  Today, that same ten year treasury bond is yielding less than one-and-a-half percent, meaning you’d be tying up your money for ten years– getting less than FIFTEEN thousand dollars a year. That’s why bonds, not annuities, are suddenly the afterthought. Who could think of building their retirement around one percent bonds? If you want the straight scoop on the benefits of principal secure, uncapped NEXT GENERATION retirement annuities, this is a show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

…In a New York Times video op-ed that decries “fake news” and calls for “a more truthful approach” to “the ‘MYTH’ of America as the greatest nation on earth”, Times producers Taige Jensen and Nayeema Raza claim that the U.S. has “fallen well behind Europe” in many respects and has “more in common with ‘developing countries’ than we’d like to admit.”  Is that true?  A groundbreaking study by JustFacts.com has discovered that after accounting for all income, charity, and non-cash welfare benefits like subsidized housing and Food Stamps—the poorest 20% of Americans consume more goods and services than the national averages of the most affluent countries. This includes the majority of countries in the prestigious Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), including its European members. In other words, if the U.S. “poor” were a nation, it would be one of the world’s richest. We’ve got that report for you today and then Medicare expert Shelley Grandidge joins us. A very interesting show you don’t want to miss….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!